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Police Service Serious Crime Statistics

Welcome to the Police Service's Crime Statistics database. You can filter the crimes reported and detected in the chart below by the offence and year committed.

Please not that due to the dynamic nature of criminal investigations, all data provided on this website are provisional and are subject to change. Data is likely to show changes when refreshed or updated on a monthly basis. The statistics presented here reflect the number of Serious Crimes reported as at 1st January, 2012.

Crime Statistics
Crimes Reported Charts
Crimes Detected Charts
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 Woundings and Shootings2014Jan35
 Rapes, Incest and Sexual Offences2014Jan54
 Serious Indecency2014Jan5
 Kidnapping for Ransom2014Jan0
 Burglaries and Breakings2014Jan206
 Fraud Offences2014Jan31
 General Larceny2014Jan166
 Larceny Motor Vehicles2014Jan79
 Larceny Dwelling House2014Jan37
 Woundings and Shootings2014Feb39
 Rapes, Incest and Sexual Offences2014Feb73
 Serious Indecency2014Feb10
 Kidnapping for Ransom2014Feb0
 Burglaries and Breakings2014Feb171
 Fraud Offences2014Feb7
 General Larceny2014Feb197
 Larceny Motor Vehicles2014Feb62
 Larceny Dwelling House2014Feb21
 Woundings and Shootings2014Mar53
 Rapes, Incest and Sexual Offences2014Mar66
 Serious Indecency2014Mar6
 Kidnapping for Ransom2014Mar1
 Burglaries and Breakings2014Mar196
 Fraud Offences2014Mar13
 General Larceny2014Mar192
 Larceny Motor Vehicles2014Mar57
 Larceny Dwelling House2014Mar26
 Woundings and Shootings2014Apr43
 Rapes, Incest and Sexual Offences2014Apr54
 Serious Indecency2014Apr9
 Kidnapping for Ransom2014Apr0
 Burglaries and Breakings2014Apr195
 Fraud Offences2014Apr6
 General Larceny2014Apr172
 Larceny Motor Vehicles2014Apr52
 Larceny Dwelling House2014Apr23
 Woundings and Shootings2014May46
 Rapes, Incest and Sexual Offences2014May39
 Serious Indecency2014May1
 Kidnapping for Ransom2014May1
 Burglaries and Breakings2014May160
 Fraud Offences2014May7
 General Larceny2014May110
 Larceny Motor Vehicles2014May45
 Larceny Dwelling House2014May16
 Woundings and Shootings2014Jun39
 Rapes, Incest and Sexual Offences2014Jun33
 Serious Indecency2014Jun2
 Kidnapping for Ransom2014Jun0
 Burglaries and Breakings2014Jun186
 Fraud Offences2014Jun14
 General Larceny2014Jun163
 Larceny Motor Vehicles2014Jun68
 Larceny Dwelling House2014Jun10
 Woundings and Shootings2014Jul29
 Rapes, Incest and Sexual Offences2014Jul46
 Serious Indecency2014Jul5
 Burglaries and Breakings2014Jul219
 Fraud Offences2014Jul6
 General Larceny2014Jul161
 Larceny Motor Vehicles2014Jul52
 Larceny Dwelling House2014Jul20
 Kidnapping for Ransom2014Jul1

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