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Title Description Length
 ACP Stephen Williams  Commissioner Responds to Minister of National Security Comments  
 ACP Stephen Williams  Crime Statistics  
Police For A Day Episode 1 - TTPS Command centre  
Illegal Lights Mr. Raymond Craig discusses illegal lights on the nation's roads. 0:56
Ilegal Tints

Mr. Raymond Craig discusses the dangers of illegal tint.

The Seizure A presentation on illegal drugs in schools 7:01
Crime Prevention Tip 1
Leaving keys in vehicles 0:52
Crime Prevention Tip 2 Be Alert 0:28
Crime Prevention Tip 3 Preventing carjacking
Youth Designated Driver Ad  Always designate a driver 0:50
Carnival Safety 1 of 3    Securing Premises 0:35
Carnival Safety 2 of 3    Securing your belongings 0:36
Carnival Safety 3 of 3    Child Safety 0:44
TTPS Police Youth Club Sports and Family Day 2013    Togetherness is the road to achievement 5:02
Working Together to Prevent Crime    Join us in the FIGHT AGAINST CRIME 1:08
Graduation Ceremony Squads A-E 2013    Never giving up on a dream 4:28
TTPS Drinking and Driving Ad    Don't Drink and Drive 0:40
Get onboard with the TTPS!    Are you on board? 1:09


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