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 TitleSize Created Date
NYPD's Finest Soccer Team visits Trinidad and Tobago243.24 KBDownload4/11/2014
Teenage Pregnancy269.39 KBDownload2/13/2014
A Community in Mourning193.25 KBDownload2/13/2014
Retirement Function: DCP Richardson242.72 KBDownload2/13/2014
The Service Newsletter- Issue 2 2.30 MBDownload1/30/2012
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service State of Emergency Help Desk98.09 KBDownload9/6/2011
Curfew Hours under the National State of Emergency 197.90 KBDownload8/25/2011
TTPS response to Officers day of rest 214.49 KBDownload8/12/2011
YTC inmates lecture members of Police Youth Club 320.41 KBDownload8/11/2011
TTPS purchase vehicle for office of COP 320.41 KBDownload8/11/2011
The Service Newsletter- Issue 11.39 MBDownload8/4/2011
Reopening of the Four Roads Police Station202.90 KBDownload8/4/2011
Closure of Four Roads Police Station197.75 KBDownload8/4/2011
Promotions within the TTPS330.87 KBDownload5/12/2011
TTPS Strategic Plan 2011-2013 Brochure794.84 KBDownload4/26/2011
Agenda for Change 2011-2013 Strategic Plan1.05 MBDownload4/26/2011
COP taking second look into the 2009 attempted murder investigation of Wellington couple 320.41 KBDownload4/19/2011
TTPS 21st Century Policing Supplement 2.40 MBDownload4/11/2011
Composition of the Promotion Advisory Board 341.73 KBDownload3/28/2011
Closure of Canteen 209.64 KBDownload3/28/2011
TTPS Youth Club Sports130.22 KBDownload2/4/2011
Weedeater 2010191.94 KBDownload2/4/2011
Updates on Major Police Investigations212.54 KBDownload2/4/2011
TTPS mourns the death of ASP Nedd202.49 KBDownload2/4/2011
Suspect in the Isha Hosein murder apprehended 83.25 KBDownload2/4/2011
Recognition Ceremony for Laventille children 78.31 KBDownload2/4/2011
Promotion of Constables to Corporals 77.52 KBDownload2/4/2011
Partnering with communities for effective Policing200.80 KBDownload2/4/2011
Parking for Beyonce I AM Concert 74.74 KBDownload2/4/2011
Northern Division Exercises 188.79 KBDownload2/4/2011
New TTPS Recruits Intake106.92 KBDownload2/4/2011
Nationwide Roadblock Exercises207.92 KBDownload2/4/2011
Murders solved in November, 2010349.07 KBDownload2/4/2011
National Security Minister commends TTPS Officers82.12 KBDownload2/4/2011
Minor never placed in cell with adult prisoners 124.08 KBDownload2/4/2011
Last Lap safety tips 2010205.56 KBDownload2/4/2011
Las Lomas Community Council presents Plaque to former Ag. COP 184.19 KBDownload2/4/2011
Items seized at Karamath home Valsayn North 77.25 KBDownload2/3/2011
Investigation into the homicide of TSTT employee 198.42 KBDownload2/3/2011
Investigation into bad behavior of Police Officers75.48 KBDownload2/3/2011
Implementation of strategic anti-crime initiatives 218.48 KBDownload2/3/2011
Former Ag. COP addresses Manzanilla Carnival cool down fete 150.02 KBDownload2/3/2011
Election 2010 Reminder 320.41 KBDownload2/3/2011
Domestic Violence Response 202.04 KBDownload2/3/2011
Crusade TTPS 86.29 KBDownload2/3/2011
Correction of information RE: TTPS Police Band 81.36 KBDownload2/3/2011
COP meets with San Juan Business Association 310.96 KBDownload2/3/2011
Comment from former Ag. COP RE: Jury Tampering 85.94 KBDownload2/3/2011
Beetham Police Youth Club Road Trip227.26 KBDownload2/3/2011
Action taken on Couva matter 191.63 KBDownload2/3/2011
A Labour of Love320.41 KBDownload2/3/2011
Anticorruption Training in the TTPS222.45 KBDownload1/31/2011
TTPS Newsletter Inside Justice2.86 MBDownload8/27/2010
COPS on Facebook211.97 KBDownload6/14/2010
Election 2010 measures311.13 KBDownload5/20/2010
Procession in Point Fortin201.84 KBDownload5/20/2010
Transportation of prisoners255.17 KBDownload5/20/2010
Search warrant - Calder Hart197.19 KBDownload5/20/2010
Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations112.40 KBDownload5/5/2010
Police Recruits (Potential)6.05 MBDownload5/3/2010
Stop the Lawlessness60.21 KBDownload2/18/2009
Commissioner Responds on Hazel Guerra's Arrest68.86 KBDownload1/15/2009
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